DaringFun – Quiz01

Dare to Experiment — Daring Fun is an interactive sex quiz to help couple’s explore their hidden fantasies and desires with one another. You each get to take a quiz, separately, and then we’ll send you both the answers where there’s a “match.”

Lets get started!

First, you and your partner will take the quiz separately, but in order to match both of your answers, please follow these steps to start taking the quiz:

  1. From our home page, the first partner will either
    1. Enter emails of both participants in “Your Email” and “Partner Email” and then click Start! Your partner will be emailed a link to the quiz — they should open the link and then click Start!
    2. Copy the Unique Quiz Link, send to your partner, and then click Start! Your should open the link and then click Start!

You will be asked a series of questions, most of which will provide you with the following options:

  1. Yes — select if you would like to further explore the topic / question
  2. No: select if you would not like to explore the topic / question
  3. Maybe: select if you are unsure if want to further explore the topic / question, would be willing if your partner was
  4. Other: Add any additional comments you may want your partner to see if you are matched on this question

After you and your partner have filled out all the questions, “matches” will be sent to you both. A “match” means the following: where both partners selected Yes, Maybe, or Other (i.e. neither partner selected No) — an example would be Partner A selecting Other and Partner B selection Maybe, or Partner A selection Yes and Partner B selection Maybe.